For Sale. Stunning 4 Y.O. Warmblood Gelding

Fritz Panhuys is an absolutely stunning friesian cross quarter horse warmblood.  His sire was imported from Europe and was in the top 3% of his kuerig.

One thing that is really special about this cross, and this horse in particular, is that you can ask him to perform a high level task, and he is completely calm right afterwards.  While the rider must be able to  be firm (he is still 4) and able to ride a powerful horse (he is a warmblood), he may be uniquely suited for someone who wants a horse that will allow them a long way to grow.  He forgives mistakes and never escalates a situation.  He rarely spooks, but if he does, 99 out of 100 times, his feet never actually move (nothing is ever 100% certain with an animal- but he is outstanding in this regard).  He is sweet, and loves to give kisses.

His movement will equally suit a dressage rider as he has a natural self carriage and way of moving that leaves most observers in awe.  We have seen him perform most of the airs above the ground in the field.

Fritz is progressing well in his training. He has excellent bascule in his jump, floating movement for dressage and stunning good looks.  He also has clean and solid legs, without being heavy or weighted down. He has a gorgeous trot and a beautiful, rhythmic canter.

All of his ground training was done utilizing natural horsemanship. Great care has been taken to establish a respectful, well behaved horse, with a wide range of exposure.

The video was taken by Casey, my husband, on his bike to get most of these shots. You can see that Fritz was alone in the video, yet he remained positive and relaxed. Not to mention, being chased by a bike. We had not exposed Fritz to a bike prior to filming.  The video is a summary of a visit to Queeny park including warm up, schooling and cool-down. At the end of the video, we also show him loading.


Halfway through the filming, another party schooling on the course had a rider-fall and a loose horse. When I saw only 1 rider able to go after the horse, I brought Fritz in to assist.  We galloped around the other edge of the field gaining ground, but were careful not to push the horse further from the other rider in pursuit.  When he turned down a narrow section of trail, we followed and provided a block.  Fritz was businesslike, and calm throughout the entire experience.

In the video, this happened between the ditch shot and the last bank. You can see no change in his demeanor even after all that excitement.


Located in Hillsboro, MO 63050.

2013 Midsouth Horse Trials

My First Ever Trip to Kentucky Horse Park


There is a big gap of time that I need to fill in in… young horses and barn projects got the best of me!


My first trip to the Kentucky Horse Park was at the 2013 Mid south Horse Trials. The facility is phenomenal. Everything is classy and available. As I explored the park, at first I was nervous and intimidated as I looked at the Rolex statue, gorgeous stadiums, and fantastic sporthorse footings. Walking the all hallowed cross country course, where the world’s best riders have competed gave me goosebumps. After I got over the initial shock, I want to commend the hosts of the event as they were exceptionally kind and friendly.


I competed at the novice level while there. Dressage went alright, but they were finishing the arena grooming which messed up Aurora’s stretch in the free walk. Besides this, I thought the test went pretty well and was happy with the result. Aurora went clear in the cross country phase and she felt fantastic. She is smooth, fluid and quick.. a little too quick for the ideal cross country novice time (we were 1 second away from speed faults- which I don’t necessarily think is a bad thing), but we went clear and had no faults. The speed tells me she is certainly fit enough to make training level times.

2013 Midsouth Horse Trials at the Kentucky Horse Park

2013 Midsouth Horse Trials at the Kentucky Horse Park

2013 Midsouth Horse Trials at the Kentucky Horse Park

2013 Midsouth Horse Trials at the Kentucky Horse Park











Stadium went well, but we got a rail with a back foot. I examined pictures at every angle and can’t see exactly how it happened. I’ve noticed the top riders in the world have vertical, “punchy” canter, with a lot of vertical energy. This is certainly something to work on!

One thing I noticed about the entire group of riders is that regardless of the level they were riding, there were no unprepared rider/horse combinations. Compared to the horse community at large, every horse and rider I saw there would be considered by outsiders to be advanced. I have my work cut out for me!

Zero Sum at the Extreme Mustang Makeover

Calendar 2013





  • Queeny Park HT
    • Queeny Park-Ballwin, MO
    • June 8-9


  • Dublin Farms Horse Shows That Help- Jumpers
    • House Springs, MO
    • July 20


  • Catalpa Corner Charity Horse Trials
    • Catalpa Corner- Iowa City, IA
    • August 3-4


  • Queeny Mini Event
    • Queeny Park-Ballwin, MO
    • September 1
  • Dunnabeck HT
    • Carbondale, IL
    • September 14-15
  • Ridgefield IV
    • September 21-22
  • Nutrena USEA Eventing Championship
    • September 26-29
    • Texas Rose Horse Park- Tyler, Texas


  • Dublin Farms Horse Shows That Help- Jumpers
    • House Springs, MO
    • October 5
  • Heritage Park HT
    • Olathe, KS
    • October 25-27

First Show of the Season

Yesterday, I attended a small local hunter/jumper show with Aurora as a warm-up. The weather was clear and we met some very nice people. We took things slow and did two 2’6” courses and a 3′ course. Aurora was confident and happy. The show helped me identify some improvement areas and made clear that we need a return to her regular fitness. We will start doing gallop sets next weekend at one of the local parks. We have 2 more schooling jumper shows and possibly a dressage schooling show before we enter our first 2013 event.


Fritz, our 3.5 y.o. Friesian Cross gelding is maturing nicely. He is going to be a big boy (he is just under 17 hands right now and still appears to be growing). He has done some basic under saddle work, along with a very successful trail ride at Greensfelder park. Now that we have had some dry weather, we have moved back to daily lunging sessions. Trot sets, canter work and free jumping should help to get him sufficiently strengthened to do more advanced work under saddle.


Today we are getting 6-10” of snow. Considering that yesterday the horses were happily eating grass and we were wearing light jackets, it is just crazy!!



Aurora Fall 2013


















March 23, 2013

Day after the show… 7″ of snow!!



































March 24, 2013













































2013 Goals, accomplishments and needs

2013 Goals

  • AERC Endurance Ride: Eagle Ranch April 6
  • Compete Successfully with Aurora at the Novice Eventing Level
  • Qualify for/attend Nationals with Aurora
  • Start Fritz at Beginner Novice at Queeny Park horse trials in June.


2013 Achievements/Next Steps:




  • Obtained 3.5 y.o. Friesian Cross
  • Started Fritz under saddle, initial rides successful.
  • Completed first trail ride in high winds.  Proved to have a rock solid disposition.

Next Steps:

  • Canter departs in round pen
  • Bit contact
  • Basic lateral movements


Round Pen Build

  • 50′ Solid wood round pen
  • 3″ minus base, 1″ minus subbase and footing.  The base is in, awaiting snow melt to add 1″ minus and footing layer.


2013 Needs

  • Obtain larger truck to accommodate larger 3-horse trailer (truck is currently over-weight)
  • Dressage boots, difficulty finding appropriate fit for boots.
  • Travel expenses
  • Clinic/lesson expenses
  • Build arena space


Fall 2012 Aurora Cross Country

Results 2012

October 2012

American Warmblood Inspection: Aurora Borealis von Jorrit

  • Blue Preferred

September 2012

Ridgefield Show Series: Aurora

  • Gambler’s Choice: 2nd Place
  • Level 2 sec. 2b: 1st place
  • Leve 2 sec1: 1st place
Aurora Endurance Ride 2012

Aurora Endurance Ride 2012

My approach for early 2012 was to pursue Endurance rides to ensure that Aurora’s soft tissue was ready for high-intensity competition.  A little known fact about AERC sanctioned endurance, is that horses are analyzed repeatedly during a race by a licensed veterinarian for soundness, heart sounds, heartrate recovery, and gut function among many other parameters.  If your horse doesn’t meet performance criteria, he is pulled.  This is a great way to identify and prevent health problems that may occur as a result of competition as well as learn how to best care for a stressed system.

June 2012

Double Eagle Dance:AERC sanctioned limited distance endurance race (25 miles): Aurora

  • Placed 5th out of 16

March 2012

Eagle Ranch Spring Fling: AERC sanctioned 50 mile endurance ride: Aurora

  • Placed 9th, 8 minutes behind first place.
  • Time: 6h 53 min




My name is Melissa Kanzelberger (Coolich).  I was born and raised in Wisconsin, spent most of my adult life in Texas, before settling south of St Louis, Missouri with my husband Casey.  I am aspiring amateur event rider with plans to successfully compete at the Novice level this year.  It is my eventual goal to take my aspirations to the highest levels of competition.

I currently have 3 eventing prospects:

  • Aurora Borealis von Jorrit is a 2003 old Friesian/Quarter horse mare.  She has competed successfully at Novice and will be moving up to Training level at our next show.  She has an unusually wide resume. She has completed (and placed in the top 10) 2 50 mile endurance races and 2 35 mile LD’s.  She also competed  and placed in ACTHA, jumpers, and Western Vesatility! All in all, this horse is a stunning athlete that can do it all, and do it well!
  • Stadium Jumping phase at Missouri Wine Country Sport Horse Show

    Stadium Jumping phase at Missouri Wine Country Sport Horse Show

  • Hi Yo Silver Away (Silver), is a Silver/Gray OTTB gelding born May 8, 2007 by Storm and a Half (the 2006, 2008-2011, 2013 Arkansas Leading Sire by Storm Cat) out of Silver Mist (by Silver Deputy). Retired from racing in April 2013 to begin career in eventing.  He has been started under saddle, and has progressed rapidly.
  • Fritz Panhuys is a 2009 friesian/quarter horse. He has been started under saddle and is doing great.  We are excited about his lovely movement and great personality.  We have agonized over this decision, but have decided to sell Fritz preferably to a dressage or eventing home.
  • Husband Safe Horse Zero is a 6 year old mustang.  Zero and I were featured in the documentary Wild Horse, Wild Ride, a documentary about the training of wild horses for the Extreme Mustang Makeover.  Zero is our beginner horse, and also the horse who tolerantly allows me to practice my dressage patterns.

Zero Sum at the Extreme Mustang Makeover